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Bible Class

Shetland Christian Youth Camp

Stephen Grant

We are now into our third week of camp and despite weather which has been colder and wetter than normal it has been a great few weeks. Gary Davidson from Cardy joined us in the first week along with 98 campers. We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed this work with some many children keen to come, especially since 80% of them in week one were coming for the first time. What is amazing about this is that the majority are not from Christian homes, nor do they have any contact with a Sunday School, but have come as a result of contacts made through the school work.. During the second week we had another busy week with 88 campers listening to Stuart Scammell from Wales who came with his wife Bethan who worked in the kitchen. This was their first time in Shetland and at the camp. Stuart’s approach was different to what we were used but very effective as he interacted with children using different techniques, drawing on his experience in schools that he visits in Cardiff. This week Graeme Paterson who is a now a regular and familiar to many of the children through his school visits in Shetland has been speaking to over 80 teenagers over the 11 meetings. We are once again indebted to the many young Christians from across assemblies in the UK who sacrifice their time and money to come and help, without whom we would not be able to do this work. Although we are keen to see God move in salvation we are not preaching for professions but sow the good seed and leave God to do His work in His time but please pray that there might be rich harvest.