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Bible Class

Jim McMaster, Malawi

Stephen Grant


We would value your prayers as I tag along with Stephen Harper on a visit to Malawi for the 12th to the 27th of February

The purposes of this visit are to 

•   To help facilitate the distribution of Gospel literature in the country. In December one million tracts were printed and in 2 months the vast majority of these have been distributed. The local brothers responsible have been with us today requesting more printing as soon as possible. 

•   To investigate the replacement of a base for Stephen and Gail in the country. The landlord of their former home has terminated their lease and they need to find another suitable place to base their activities in the days ahead. This is particularly important  for the housing of the regular distribution teams that come from the UK and elsewhere to assist in the MGO Seed Sowers distribution usually held in August. 

•   To further the work of the gospel in the prisons in the country. For two years now there has been an growing openness in the prisons of Malawi for the gospel. We have embarked on a large scale printing and distribution of Emmaus Bible Courses for the prisons.  As we have become acquainted with practicalities of prison life in the country we have felt the need to support the gospel work by supply of hygiene packs and educational materials for the prisoners held in these dreadful conditions. For further information and to follow the present trip lease visit