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Bible Class

Robert Revie, Ethiopia

Stephen Grant

I have been in Ethiopia for a month so let me give you just a picture of life in Ethiopia. We had a very sad incident when one of our evangelist’s sons aged 17 committed suicide. He was top of his class and a very promising young man and he was involved in the work of the Lord and I have rarely see such an outburst of grief from the 3,000 that were at the funeral.

The first week we went down to Awassa where we met 42 believers from and strong Muslim area so it was felt we should meet in a neutral town. We had three day together as I and Mulugeta shared in the word of God.

The following week we visited two assemblies in the countryside where in each place they had a conference with good numbers then we went on to Chobi to give teaching at the Bible school and to be involved in the graduation of 11 evangelists. We also had a meeting with around 200 elders and gav teaching on the responsibility of an elder.

After about two weeks in the countryside we came back to Addis for a week. A brother called Dr Bassera from the assemblies in Poland and I shared in giving  Sunday School teachers advice in how to reach children with the Gospel and that culminated in 20 of these students receiving a diploma for studying three years in how to reach children with the Gospel.

It is very hot here during the day so it is quite oppressive. We are putting another floor at the office so in the meantime I am living at a building site with all the dust etc. I thank God for good health and we value your prayers for th next two months[d.v]