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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

I have been in Brazil for the past two weeks. I came mainly to see Uncle James Crawford who is 93 and has been in Brazil for over 65 years. I also have a number of cousins here and it has been good to catch up with them and their children.

My visit commenced in Rio De Janeiro where I was met by Walter Alexander. The first day was taken up with seeing what was once the capitol and I had a visit to Christ the Redeemer statue from which you got an excellent view of Rio. Sadly there is a lot of gang warfare in shanty towns in Rio where the very poor live.

On my second day I was taken to a town about 130kms from Rio in a place called UMEAS and I visited an old people’s home with about 38 residents and it doubles up as a camp site. We went there with a brother who is a builder and whose father donated the land for this work.

The next day Walter and I travelled to Vitoria where he and Elizabeth now live. Their son Stephen and his wife and family live in Vitoria as Walter & Elizabeth need a bit of medical care. I was there for three days and visited three assemblies speaking at each of them.

I then flew to Uberaba where Willie and Leila Maxwell spent a lot of time and I was welcomed by their daughter Leila and I sent a lovely time with Leila and family. One of her sons Alexandre is a full time worker and I was taken to Uberlandia on one of the nights where we had a lovely meal with Jim & Carmen Jardine before going on to one of the meetings in Uberlandia. Jim doesn’t keep well but he reminded me that the last time we met was at Newcastle. The meeting was a pack out with the brethren bringing in extra chairs.

The following night was in Uberaba where Alexandre has commenced a new work and that night there were so many that some were sitting out on the street and we had a very profitable time with them

I then travelled to Sao Joaquim da Barra where I was greeted by Uncle James and Margaret and my uncle has arranged meetings every night apart from one night so he is keeping me busy! It has been good to see the country where my relatives have spent so much of their time. I will be here for another three weeks and I value your prayers as I will visit cousins later on. The first photo is Alexandre is on the left and the second is the old people’s home.