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Bible Class

Seedsowers Lethbridge with Jim McMaster

Stephen Grant

As I write I am with brother Ross Vanstone and around 60 believers (young and old) in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta, Canada to help the local assembly here with a Seed Sowers distribution and Gospel Tent meetings. 38000, John 3:16 texts and meeting invitations have been distributed in the town and surrounding areas. Every morning in the first week, after a session of bible study, the teams were organised and for the rest of the day covered the area with great enthusiasm and efficiency. Ross Vanstone lived here for a few years at the end of the 1990’s and saw the Lord work and an assembly established. It has been some years since there has been a gospel effort in the area so the Seed Sower distribution is an extra joy for the christians here. The local believers have thrown themselves completely into the work with many taking a week of vacation to be involved. The Seed Sowers came from all over Canada and the USA and the joy of fellowship as we laboured together was a real highlight of the first week.

The tents meetings have now begun and have been greatly blessed by the Lord right from the start with extra seats having to be obtained to accommodate all who are coming. People have attended from both Lethbridge and the surrounding area. There are many unbelievers attending with the usual mix of problems but they are listening with great interest. Most nights there is 100 or more in the tent and afterwards many stay to discuss the gospel and ask questions. This includes a large number of ex Hutterites who have been converted and left the colonies and are currently seeking a place for fellowship. They particularly love to hear the gospel and are enthusiastic in their “Amens” etc during the meetings. We visited a colony about 2 hours away last week and a family from there have slipped away and attended the meeting on one occasion. This is a big thing for them as any involvement with christians outside the colony could bring real trouble for them. The Lord is clearly working in the meetings and the assembly here is greatly encouraged by the big numbers showing genuine interest in the gospel. Please pray that the Lord will grant us the joy of hearing of real conversions soon.

Several of the Seed Sowers here are asking if they can visit and join a similar Seed Sowers effort in the UK next summer. If you are interested in similar distributions in the UK please visit and plans will be  posted on the events page.