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Bible Class

Dan and Joan Harvey - Moses Lake (USA)

Stephen Grant

For the past four years we have come to the city of Moses Lake for a two week event that includes a Vacation Bible School each morning for two hours, a separate Teen program in the mornings and afternoons, and then gospel meetings each evening. We use a 40x80 tent for the activities and live in caravans and tents in the nearby park. God has blessed the work and provided consistent positive feedback from a number that have come. This year so far there are four teens (16-18) that have told us of their having a clear understanding of the gospel and a confidence before God that their sins have been dealt with by the Lord Jesus at the cross. Each day we have close to 100 teens and kids that come for the VBS, and then the teens remain for the gospel and are accompanied by a number of other adults.

Myself and Tom Hoy share in the preaching at night, and I take responsibility for the Teen Class in the mornings. We have a team of 16 younger workers helping during the two weeks, ages 18 to 30, and do a book study with them early mornings too. Having them with us really makes the two weeks worthwhile

Pray that we would have wisdom to know how to maintain the contacts that are made, and know how God would have us proceed in the future.