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Bible Class

Shetland Report

Stephen Grant

The last two weeks has been a huge encouragement to the believers in Shetland.  A series of talks were held in the Lerwick Town Hall each night entitled Life's Big Questions.  For the two weeks prior to the start of the meetings there had been a variety of promotional activities on a new webpage ( radio, the newspaper and social media.  One fifty second extract of a gospel message was viewed on social media over 10,000 times most of whom would have been people living in Shetland (whose population is only 22,000)

Stephen Grant was responsible for the presentations each evening and visitors sat around tables and enjoyed some tea and cakes before and after.  Jamie Mcilree also joined us and spent his days going around the doors presenting the gospel and trying to interest people in coming to the meetings.  There was an encouraging interest on the doors and many unbelievers who attended did so as a result of Jamie's visitation.

The attendance each night was a real boost with unbelievers present each night, many kept coming back regularly throughout the two weeks.  Please pray for the many unsaved who heard the gospel over the course of the series.  One lady who had been nearly every night made a profession on the last day and was able to tell folks on the final night of her burden which had been lifted having believed the gospel.

In addition to all the Shetland assemblies, who were well represented, there were Christians from other Churches who came and supported the meetings and appreciated the clear presentation of the gospel.  Many Christians started to grow in confidence as the meetings continued and unbelieving family members and friends were asked and prayed for during the prayer meetings held at the end of the night.  It was a big encouragement to see these individuals in under the sound of God's Word.  The local Christian bookshop had a stand along with the Gideons and many Bibles were given away along with many books being sold both to believers and non-believers.

The Lord was very gracious in presencing himself amongst us as the Gospel was preached and we pray that the blessing experienced so far is only a first fruits of things to come.  The challenge for the local assemblies is to follow up with the many people who we now know have contact with.