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Bible Class

Robert Revie in Ethiopia

Stephen Grant


Just an update from Ethiopia. We were down at a place called Awassa about three weeks ago. One of the reasons that we were there was a group from a place called Bali is a very strong Islamic area and it was felt that they should come to us rather than us go to them.

Some had travelled 9 hours by foot before catching three buses to reach Awassa. We had a very profitable time with them and it was felt that the effort made was worth while. 

There has been limited travel and as a result instead of having a united conference at Ginchi it was decided to have area conferences and we had an excellent response from the assemblies around Addis when about 50 evangelists joined us for a full day of teaching. This was followed by a full day with elders from in and around Addis and we had a very worth while day.

These two days was followed by a youth leaders conference for about 4 days when around 50 leaders attended. During the time that we were together it was good to hear of real interest among young people in so many assemblies around Addis.

One of the Sundays I was at a place on the outskirts of Addis and the hall was packed and they have only commenced in this area two years ago.

Just last weekend we were at Batie and Kamesay. The work in Batie is encouraging and the children sang for us and a number of Moslem girls were a=mong the group with their headscarves on. We then went to Kamesay and in spite of the fact that this was an extra meeting over 200 came for some Bible teaching and it is great to see in two  very strong Muslim communities a work of God going on.

We value your continued prayers for Ethiopia as the government is in the process of appointing a new Prime Minister and it is felt that we might hear the result in a short time. Keep praying. The photo is the brethren who came from Bali.