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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant


I have been back in Ethiopia for one month. This is my 24th visit since 1993 and I have seen big changes in that time. The assemblies have grown from 6 in 1993 to 200+ in 2018.

I attended the second graduation service for those who have done the discipleship course which takes 3 years to complete. This was two days after I arrived in the country. It was so encouraging to see 100 believers graduating and I have felt that this course among the assemblies has brought a real maturity among the believers .

I was also at the Chobi Bible school graduation where 16 evangelists were receiving diplomas having completed the 3 year course. There was a very large number of believers there to be part of this event.

I have had the privilege of teaching the scriptures in many different areas and this has been most encouraging. The one I went to recently have just built a bigger hall than the previous one and two moslems have been converted very recently.

We have managed, through the kindness of the believers in the UK, to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser to be used on the rough roads in the countryside. The last vehicle had done over 750,000 and we had it for ten years and it has served us well. We are just praying that this vehicle will give us as good service. We travelled today 22nd Feb on our first trip in the new vehicle and it travelled like a bird.

I will be here [d.v] for another two months and I value your prayers. One of the people who was quite an influence to me in my teenage years, Willie Hastings, I notice has been called home after a long number of years in the service of Christ in Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

We value your prayers for Ethiopia

Yours in His service

Robert C. Revie