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Bible Class

Brian and Debbie Howden - good news

Stephen Grant

Dear praying friends,

It is with a real sense of joy and gratitude that we write this email to let you know that we have tonight heard from the Dr that the CT scan I had on Wednesday is completely clear and has shown absolutely nothing to cause concern.  The Dr has told me it is ok to return to Angola and he will see me in January when we were planning to be home anyway. Maybe there will be an explanation for what it was or maybe there won’t - but for us it is sufficient to know that God has answered prayer.

We take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for all the prayers that have gone up on ours and our family’s behalf, for the messages, phone calls and demonstrations of love and support which we have received.  We give God the glory for His healing and faithfulness in answering prayer and it is with full and happy hearts we can tell you that we plan to fly back to Angola on the evening of Sunday 18th November, we will arrive in Camundambala on Tuesday 20th November from where we have had such humbling and touching messages tonight as they’ve heard the news that we can return.  We will come home for Christmas as was planned, landing in Heathrow on Christmas Eve and plan to return to Angola again in early February DV.

With our united love and thanks,

Brian & Debbie