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Bible Class

Paul Jenkinson, Uganda

Stephen Grant

We have recently returned from a 2month trip to Uganda. Our first as a family of 3!

Much of our time was working within the local assembly at Nansana. Paul had the opportunity to give Old Testament overview teaching on a weekly basis as well as ministering & Gospel preaching on Sundays & some opportunities in the open air. Currently the assembly are meeting in an elders home but we have started to look into purchasing land to build a hall in the Nansana area. This will require a lot of our time and we need a great deal of wisdom in dealing with this.

Sadly only about a month into our trip the political situation in Uganda took a negative turn. The arrest & apparent torture of the main political opposition leader, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu caused widespread anger leading to many riots to which the government responded with a rather heavy handed approach. This had a significant effect on our movements for a couple of weeks & unfortunately caused us to cancel some outreach plans. We did have some good opportunities within schools though and believe that the Lord blessed in salvation. Paul also travelled 4hours into the bush to visit a prison, which was quite an eye opener! a UK size prison cell would be home to approx 30-50prisoners depending on demand. Many of these men have been on remand for as much as 18months, potentially innocent men locked up for long periods of time without any legal assistance. We enjoyed our time there and shared the gospel via translator then left each prisoner with soap, a tooth brush and a Johns gospel.

Our trusty Land Cruiser, prior to our arrival, had a complete overhaul hoping that she would very reliable for our trip. Sadly this wasn't the case and over the 2month period we broke down 5 times! During a trip to a tea plantation to look for small villages the Land Cruisers temperature gauge wasn't working and the combination of a heavy load and steep inclines for long periods of time caused the engine to overheat quite significantly. This caused considerable damage to the engine and radiator and meant the vehicle was off the road for about a week. Heavy rain caused the electrics to go haywire one evening leaving us stranded on the side of the road again!

On a more positive note the Lord opened the door to bring hopebytheroadside to Uganda and we were delighted to start an advertising campaign within Uganda. We currently have a 12meter x 8 meter billboard on the main road leading to the international airport which is situated directly outside the UN base and another 2 smaller billboards on the road linking central and eastern Uganda. We have plans for 2 more on the Uganda/Kenya border. Please pray for this work.

Charlotte took it all in her stride, being only 9months old she was oblivious to the challenges facing us and kept excellent health throughout the trip. We are thankful to God that a brief health scare for Rachel with symptoms similar to Malaria, meant a day getting tests in a hospital in Kampala but it was just a virus and cleared up within 3days.

Certainly Uganda was quite challenging this trip but we are so thankful to the Lord for his guidance & protection. It was also a great comfort to know that during difficult days we had many friends & family at home who were praying for us.

Paul hopes to return to Uganda in December for a youth camp and as a family we plan to be in Uganda again early 2019. Please keep Uganda in your prayers