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Bible Class

Brian Howden health news

Stephen Grant

Dear friends,
We would like to ask you to please pray about the following health issue that has arisen.

After three weeks of extreme fatigue when at times it has almost been impossible to put one foot in front of another, rapid loss of weight, night sweats where pillows have been literally soaked, and raised lymph nodes in the groin we took the big decision to charter Missionary Aviation Fellowship (Canada) to come from Lubango four hours flying time away. We decided to call MAF because Brian was took weak to make the triangular flight to Lubango via Luanda, and the small plane was a quicker and more direct option.

Brian has had a consultation with Dr Steve Foster at the CEML Hospital in Lubango, where he underwent a thorough investigation and had a biopsy on some raised lymph nodes in the groin. The doctor will be sending the biopsy to Luanda for tests which normally take up to 6 weeks to come back but he has requested that this be treated urgently so we are hoping for a quicker response.

The doctor said on looking at the gland that he removed that it was highly unusual and he suspects something worrying is going on in the body which needs further investigation.

We are totally numb with this news and Brian had to share this news with Debbie by phone as she remained in Camundambala, Brian is now back with Debbie at Camundambala having chartered the MAF plan to return this lunchtime.

Please pray that the biopsy will prove to be clear and that this is just some random infection that will pass, and that the Lord will put his hand on Brian and remove whatever it is that is causing such extreme symptoms in his body. We know He is able in His will.

In the meantime we have Mark Johnston and Steve Wilson arriving on Wednesday 17thand then Matt Coe and Huw Collings arriving on Friday 19th to make one big push in getting the new Primary School almost finished. We have been so looking forward to their fellowship. We feel that the Lord has permitted their visas to be granted and that the work they are going to do is a huge step forward in the school building.

We are currently looking at returning home for investigations and treatment in the next week or so.

So many of you have stood by us faithfully over the last 25 years and we would especially appreciate it if you could bring this matter before the Lord, that in His will complete healing will be given. We have been through so many trials here and believe that things in the assembly have turned the corner and that there is so much more blessing to be seen yet, we feel that we have so much more to give to the Lord in His will here at Camundambala.