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Bible Class

Urgent Prayer Request from Jamie McIlree

Stephen Grant

Urgent prayer request.

Some of our brothers, sisters, and close friends have had to leave their homes due to ongoing trouble. We received the following message tonight from a local brother who has stayed to be able to provide medical aid to others. 

Dear brother please pray for our protection this night. The menace is real. I just receive now a message saying that I shouldn't spend the night in my house this night. It's the same for one of my nurses. We are looking where to sleep. For how long this situation? Our hearts are hurt. My brother I don't know where to go. May the will of God be fulfilled. If God sent me here for this, May his will be done. I would like to ask you a favor. Never forget my family. I know God is in control but please take care of mine in case the worse happen.'

They are taking great comfort in the knowledge many people are praying for them.