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Bible Class

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Stephen Grant


Report of the Lords Work in West Belfast.

Brothers and sisters

West Belfast is an area of the city that has proven difficult over many years to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ due to the powerful influence of false religion, superstition and satanic activity. This area of the city has experienced much violence and oppression during the Troubles, leaving many broken families and broken people. Faithful men and women have been serving God in a quiet way sharing the gospel where possible, some for many decades, and seeing some fruit for their labours. God is to be praised for His grace and saving power in the transformed lives of men and women who have been freed from the grip of sin. 

In recent years it has been evident that God has been working in a very special way in the hearts of many people. Some people we have met have been saved without hearing the gospel from a preacher or any other Christian, but by reading the Word, believing the gospel and trusting Christ. Some have said they didn’t know that there were other people who believed what they had come to believe. This is not an uncommon story to hear. It seems that the door is opening for the advancement of gospel testimony and God has laid it upon the hearts of some to take the opportunity and to focus more intensely in the preaching of the gospel and teaching of God's Word.

There are many encouraging and thrilling stories that could be told and many disappointments too. Please praise God for the many souls who have trusted Christ, and pray for their protection and for their maturity in Christlikeness. Pray as well that the zeal of new believers would not be easily extinguished by trials and difficulties.

In His powerful Name

Paul McClarty