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Bible Class

Graeme Paterson in India

Stephen Grant

Arrived safely in Bangalore India. The visit is mainly for school visits and I will be taking assemblies and classes all week before heading to two orphanages on Friday/Saturday.

Today was a two session teaching seminar on gospel outreach among young people. According to the locals this has been neglected over the past years. As the city becomes westernised they feel they are losing contact with the youth. Most there today were local full time workers. Many are based in remote areas and had to travel 4 hours to get here! Their need is incredible.

The local saints supply them with clothes and support them very well. However so many of them suffer persecution regularly. Attention was great and we had an impromptu question session at the end. Interesting though two translators !!!

Local meetings at the assembly tomorrow and a bonfire gospel meeting before starting at the schools on Monday. Appreciate your prayerful support as it’s a new area for me and don’t know a single person !