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Bible Class

Paul Thiessen, Mexico

Stephen Grant


The month of August was very encouraging  foe the small assembly in Zapopan.  The first week of the month we held our summer children’s meetings.  Over 100 different children came during the week as well as about 15 parents. It was most encouraging to see a good number of teenagers among them.

The week was followed by the annual Sunday school program.  About 20 Sunday School students recited verses about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.  Brother Ricky Sawatzky closed the evening preaching a simple, clear gospel message to the 135 souls present in the hall.  We thank God for so many who came and we pray for the salvation  of their souls.  We hope these efforts will help build up the Sunday school classes which begin this coming Lord’s Day.  Several of the Sunday school teachers at present came to us as Sunday school students and were saved.  Now they form part of the assembly and we are grateful.