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Bible Class

Brian and Debbie Howden

Stephen Grant

  A lot of what is happening in the local assembly here at Camundambala is a direct result of the impact basic education has had on lives, young people being given the rudimentary chance to learn to read and write. The three original classrooms made of simple mud bricks are being replaced with a permanent structure.  Good progress has been made and Jonathan Singleton together with a team of young men from the assembly have worked hard to get the first stage almost completed and the footings are now out of the ground. The new complex will have 5 classrooms, teacher’s staffroom, heads office, and toilets for the teachers, a library and storeroom, and a large covered patio area. It’s a big project, but one which will leave a permanent structure, and be an investment in young lives which hopefully will result in more being taught to read and consequently benefit the local assemblies in the region.