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Bible Class

Shawn and Heidi St. Clair, Cornwall, Ontario

Stephen Grant

A year and a half ago the Lord moved us to a new area of service and we are now living and labouring in Cornwall, Ontario alongside Brian & Jeanette Kember.  Cornwall is an hour from the assembly in Ottawa where we break bread, and has had no consistent assembly-based gospel efforts for at least 100 years.  We have rented a storefront in a busy shopping plaza where we hold a regular weekly schedule of meetings and outreach activities.  The city of 50,000 has been covered twice with texts and invitations, and the area around the storefront several times with invitations.  These have resulted in some contacts, requests for Bibles and follow up visits.  We also regularly put a table with Bibles, texts, tracts and invitations in the covered walkway outsize the storefront and we often have people who are just walking by drop in to chat at our free coffee hours or to attend a meeting.

One of those who came in early on was a middle-aged man named Will.  He hardly missed a meeting for months and towards the end of last year became quite troubled.  He finally found rest in Christ looking at the texts on the wall after a meeting.  Will has been most active handing out invitations around the city and encouraging other to attend.  Please pray for his continual need for encouragement and for his spiritual growth. 

Doris has also attended most meetings over the past year and is sometimes joined by her husband Fred.  For the first time, a couple months ago, Doris expressed to us that she is trusting Christ.  Please pray for Doris and Fred and her adult son Sean.  There is drug addiction and associated struggles in this family, as with many we have met in our work here.

A middle-aged couple, Bill & Amy, attended a gospel meeting for the first time in March.  Bill told us a few weeks ago that he was saved during that first meeting.  Please pray for this couple and their teen-aged children living very troubled lives.

Another couple, originally from Egypt, was out for the first time last week.  They told us that they used to attend a Gospel Hall in Egypt and have been living in Cornwall for three years.  

In addition to our weekly gospel and ministry meetings, the weekly Mom’s & Tot’s program that Heidi and Jeanette run has also been effective.  Three unsaved Sri Lankan mothers have been bringing their children for almost a year, and two of these families have come to a gospel meeting.

We are looking to the Lord for guidance regarding the timing of a series of meetings on assembly truth for the new believers and for the mature believers who attend from other backgrounds.  Please also pray for gospel series planned for the last two weeks of July.  We’ve made some progress with the city regarding putting up a tent in the city, but there are still hurdles and we would like to have a site secured soon to begin advertising.

Finally, we covet your prayers for ongoing strength and wisdom as many of those who attend have difficulties far beyond our experiences.  The Lord is clearly working in their lives, but the personal and family struggles are many, complicated, and require much ongoing time spent supporting them.

As for our family, our oldest two, Laura (16) and Cullen (almost 13) both profess and Laura has been baptized.  We’d love to see Cullen showing more interest in spiritual things.  Rosalie (10) has Down Syndrome, and is not enjoying school this year which makes for a daily struggle, but she does seem to be getting a little help with speech therapy.  Victoria (8) has a bubbly personality and lots of spark, but is not saved and has gone through several periods of being troubled.

Thanks for your prayers for the many needs in Cornwall.