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Bible Class

Jonathan Seed, Guadalajara, Mexico

Stephen Grant

It has been our privilege to convene a series of gospel meetings for three weeks. During the last two weeks of April the assembly gathered nightly for two weeks to ask the Lord for blessing in salvation. We were very encouraged with the attendance and participation at these meetings. Guadalajara is a massive metropolis where most have very demanding work schedules and some live a great distance from the hall. However, it was a great time of labouring together in prayer with almost all the assembly present at most meetings. 7 prayer meetings found in the book of the Acts were also considered for the first 10-15 min of each prayer meeting. During the day we were busy distributing 10,000 gospel texts and invites that were specially designed for this series. We appreciated the help of David Shutt (Jackson, USA) who came for a week to help with that effort. The gospel series began on May 1 and we also had the privilege of having Shad and Debi Kember (Ciudad Obregón, Mexico) with us for the entire series. 

It was a great encouragement when on the first night of the series, during the first message, our neighbour Maximiliano put his trust in the Saviour. It was also the first gospel meeting he had ever attended. Because of his work schedule he had not been able to make it to our weekly Sunday gospel meeting. Since we made contact with him six months ago we have been visiting him and explaining the gospel to him on a personal basis. Max’s story is a testimony to the power of the divinely prescribed method of gospel preaching which has fallen on hard times in our modern day. Another person who professed is named Gudelia. She had been attending our meetings for a few months but it wasn’t until the second week of the series when she personally trusted the Saviour. 

Please continue to pray for the work in Guadalajara. It is a city of almost 5 million inhabitants and we are praying that the Lord will send labourers into his harvest. It is a great burden to see the massess and the millions that are either in the constraining chains of the Catholic church, or the doctrinal confusion of the denominations and cults that permeate the city. Thankfully the majority are open for visits, conversations, and are willing to attend gospel meetings so we are asking the Lord to provide help.