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Bible Class

Jamie and Marilyn McIlree

Stephen Grant

Thanks to all who prayed. We have now crossed back from Congo into Zambia after a short but full visit to Luanza. We were greeted at the entrance of Luanza by a large snake, which thankfully Marilyn didn't see! Lots of prayers were answered and although it wasn't all easy for them, it was very special introducing Marilyn and the kids to good friends there. 

There were encouragements regarding the literature work in Luanza and we were also able to provide funds for a feeding programme to be established for malnourished children. Although unplanned, the four of us ended up in a witchdoctors camp and with him absent we were able to take the opportunity to preach the gospel and distribute tracts to those who had come to stay with him for treatment. We were also able to gather with the new believers in the villages of Lombe and Congobashi. Unsaved villagers gathered round and the gospel was preached. 

Isaac badly burst his lip after a fall and needed a general anaesthetic in our living room to allow our friend Jean-Claude the doctor to stitch him up. He needed another procedure the following day and is fine. Kasukoseya is an unsaved witchdoctor that we have visited many times. He is still resisting but we found out that his son, who was present during previous visits, made a profession in March.

We thank the Lord for the many ways He looked after us and pray for fruit for His glory.