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Bible Class

Andy Mullan, Birmingham

Stephen Grant

Over the last two summer's, we have engaged in Gospel work in the Small Heath area of Birmingham among the majority Muslim population.  Robert Armstrong and others have joined local believers for a special week in July to engage in personal witness, seeking to develop long term contacts and conversations.  We continue to engage from time to time with a number and look to the Lord to save, but recently we were greatly encouraged to hear from one contact, who opened up to speak of her "journey with Christ", saying there have been "lots of up and downs - didn't think i'd survive through these hardships (which involve police protection) but Jesus has been here the whole way."  Do pray for this young sister in Christ who still faces steps of great cost, understanding that she "can't have Christ and my family".

While we have had little involvement in this 'journey', it is tremendous to hear of what the Lord is doing in the darkened hearts of those held in such religious bonds.  And so we continue to go out seeking to reach this growing population in our great cities, for Christ.  Our primary desire is to place the Word of God in their hands, and if possible be able to share something of the glories of Christ.  This takes patience and gentleness, for we are not there to engage in heated argument, but to reach the heart with the Gospel of the love of God, and we would ask for your prayers in this regard too.

I shall be focusing much of my work over the next three months in the Small Heath area, and we look to the Lord to bless not only in the salvation of souls, but in the continuance of the testimony of the local assembly at Herbert Road, which is really hanging by a thread.  Earnest prayer is requested that the Lord would send forth labourers into this particular harvest field.

However, we continue to sow the seed as we are able alongside our other responsibilities, and with the help of dear local sisters have just purchased 3000 Birmingham City Bibles from MET looking to get these into the hands of interested souls among these ethnic communities over the next three months.

This will culminate in our special Gospel effort from 22nd July to 28th July.  Again, Robert will be joining us to lead in the training, which we feel is vital in this cross-cultural effort, but this year we also welcome Leslie Craig who will be ministering God's Word to us each evening.  Initial training will take place on Saturday 22nd, and then Monday to Friday the program is prayer/training in the morning, Gospel outreach in the afternoon, Ministry in the evening.  If other believers in assembly fellowship, brethren and sisters, would like to join us for the week, (accommodation and food is provided free) please e-mail me at

It is our desire that those who join with us leave encouraged to reach out to Muslim communities in and around their own areas of labour across the UK.  It has been a great joy to see a new Muslim work commencing this month in Blackburn, through the exercise of Neal and Christine Hartridge.  I know they and the assembly in Blackburn would value your prayer in this labour.