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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

We arrived back in Addis on Monday afternoon. We now have electricity and water so things are getting back to normal.

The older Land Cruiser was taken to a garage in Jimma and the radiator had to be cleaned out and then refilled and the driver came a day late as we needed this vehicle to travel into three villages which are on dry weather rather bumpy roads. 

Our first trip was to a place called Ella and we were delighted to see a good company gathered of about 100 believers and we spent a profitable time with them. They also have a second fellowship in a village about 5kms away.

Our second trip was much more hazardous as we travelled to a place called Kiltu. It was lovely to renew fellowship with the first convert and his wife from Kiltu and he told us that the local witch Dr had moved elsewhere and most in the village had trusted in Christ. This was so different a picture when the work started about 8 years ago. There were believers from two other assemblies and we majored on the importance of all believers being students of the scriptures.

The following day was a visit to a place called Jibatt. This work was commenced about 6 years ago when a farmer moved to this area and began to evangelise. There are now two fellowships in this rather remote area and it was so encouraging to renew fellowship with them. Unfortunately on our journey suddenly smoke came billowing out of the bonnet so we stopped suddenly and dismantled the battery. The others felt that I should go back to Ambo as they felt that they could be stranded. However it seemed that it was a shorting of an uncovered wire and Mulugeta and Dhaba were able to preach to a packed hall and returned safely to Ambo.

Then we finished our country visits in the town of Ambo. Again we had a packed hall and I felt that the Lord was speaking to many of the young folk who were there.

I travel to Mumbai on Monday 13th March as a result of a very kind gift from a young brother in Scotland who provided the fare to travel there. I will spend a week in the area around Mombai and I will be staying with Dr Stephen Alfred. I will then travel to Belgaum district where Sheena & I had hoped to work in the leprosy hospital in Sankeshwar 50 years ago. So this time it will be rather than from India to Ethiopia it will be from Ethiopia to India. This will be my last blog till I reach home at the end of March.