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Bible Class

Alasdair and Andrea Baijal

Stephen Grant


The 2017 Northpine Gospel Outreach (Cape Town, South Africa) drew to a close yesterday after several weeks of house to house visitation, open air preaching and gospel meetings each evening.  Rodney Brown (originally N. Ireland) and I shared responsibility for the preaching.  The assembly at Northpine is around 16 in number and some of the believers are elderly or work shifts.  Often the Sunday evening gospel meeting is very small with no known unbelievers in attendance.  We were therefore very encouraged that across the outreach there were around 30 different unbelievers who came in to the hall to listen to the gospel.  As far as we know, no-one trusted the Saviour but we are looking to the Lord that the growth will come in due course. 

Please pray especially for Mr D. who only missed one night during the Outreach and appears to be under conviction.  He says he knows he needs to be saved but was treated badly by a pastor some years ago and says this is holding him back.  I am not sure that this is the genuine obstacle but in any event please pray that he will be saved.  Mr G. who is a follower of the Baha’i religion attended on the final night and spent around 30 mins seeking to correct us after the meeting! He is very proud and hard hearted and using the Baha’i religion as a convenient remedy for the sin in his life - they deny that humans have a sinful nature and say all roads lead to God.  Hismother in law is an elderly lady who is part of Northpine assembly.  I was told she has a very difficult time with him.  Pray for his salvation.  Pray for Mr B. who attended several nights.  His grandmother was a believer and he says he “gave his life to the Lord” as a child.  However, he told Rodney he is afraid to die and not sure if he is saved.

Please pray for the follow up work with all of these contacts and especially for the little assembly at Northpine that they will be given help to cope with the busyness of it all. We do give thanks to God for all His help throughout the Outreach.

I now move on to work with the assembly at Hermanus which is in the Overberg region about an hour and a half from where we live. I am having a two week series of Bible Teaching there on “Questions about a New Testament Assembly”.  I will be dealing with questions such as “Why do you not have a pastor?”, and “Why is your church independent?” across the 10 nights of Bible Teaching.  Your prayers would be valued for that as the preparation is and has been very heavy! The road to Hermanus passes through some dangerous areas that are not safe to travel at night so I will be staying over there for some of the next two weeks.  Andrea and the boys would be glad of your prayers while they are on their own.

Thanks again for remembering us in your prayers.  We really appreciate it.