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Bible Class

Gary Davidson, Cardy Gospel Hall

Stephen Grant

Over the last few year it has been great to hear of so many opportunities for bringing the Gospel into Primary schools. Our work circumstances have allowed us to schedule almost daily school visits over a period of years throughout the Ards peninsular and beyond. Having been involved with others in that work for some years, I have found myself over the past couple of years trying to grow the work in the High Schools of our area.  It is during the High school years that the children are bombarded with evolutionary teaching and are challenged as to the existence of God.

Going into High schools initially seemed quite daunting, as I pictured an assembly hall full of sneering, sceptical teens!   I was proved completely wrong. 

I've found that it's good to speak on relevant subjects such as "Coping with stress", "Being positive in difficult circumstances" and "The consequences of bad choices".  The teachers appreciate these subjects being dealt with and in turn will put up with your spiritual application and presentation of the Gospel. It's vital that we do actually deal with the subjects and not go in guns blazing after 30seconds!! 

In my experience 2 - 3 visits a year is enough to keep your assembly in the minds of the students and teachers.  If your circumstances allow you to do more, then definitely do!

I would encourage you to get involved and experience the blessing (and adrenaline!) of presenting to teenagers a message that can really make a difference.