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Bible Class

Jamie McIlree

Stephen Grant

There have been continued delays with my new Congolese visa and while I'm waiting for that I've come to Zambia in order to work with believers at the Congolese border. We've met in no man's land and while not ideal it's been worth while. Today we were able to take in literature in French which will now be translated into local languages. The believers reported that living conditions are difficult at the moment with food prices soaring leaving many hungry.

Tonight we've filled the vehicle with literature and plan to travel 13 hours north tomorrow. Prayer would be appreciated for safe travel on roads which are in poor condition due to the wet season. Prayer would also be appreciated that Congolese immigration will be favourable and allow me to cross the border despite not having the necessary documents. It is sometimes possible to get a pass for crossing during daylight hours and this would be a significant help.

We plan to spend time teaching in Congo-bashi where new converts have started gathering together to study the word. Some of the believers have been baptised since our last visit and God willing we will spend a longer period of time with them this week. Your prayers are very much appreciated.

Food and supplies being taken into Congo

Food and supplies being taken into Congo

No man's land

No man's land