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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

This brings me to the end of the 3rd week. When I am in Addis all my time is taken up with some brethren editing the four Bible education books for children in the Oromo language. This has been a more difficult task than before as I am not familiar with this language. However we are now to editing the 3rd book.

I visited a place called Boda and when the evangelist went there first he was nearly killed but now there is a good company there and they have opened up two other outreaches.

I also visited a place called Konye for the first time in 12 years. Just after my last visit the evangelist took over the hall and decided to join another group. This went on for some time but finally just last year they came to the believers in Addis and asked for forgiveness and they are now back in fellowship with the assemblies. It was so encouraging to preach in a packed hall of about 150 with so many young people present. A lady trusted the Saviour at the end of the meeting.

The following day I was in Asgori and when I went there 25 years ago a few believers met in a home because a local bandit was causing so many problems. However he trusted the Saviour and he is now a respected elder in this assembly. They are in the process of building a new hall on top of the old one and at the moment it is a bit chaotic. They now have 6 outreaches where the gospel is shared on a regular basis.

That same day we made a surprise visit to Mettay where the work is flourishing with a large congregation and they too have 6 outreach centres. They now have some lovely building built all by themselves and they hope in time that compassion will come and sent up a program from their fellowship.

The Sunday was spent in Ginchi where the work began 25 years ago with just a handful of believers. They too have many preaching points with two other assemblies in the town. It was a joy to preach to a packed audience of over 400 and at the end I learned that 6 people had trusted the Saviour. I value your prayers for the next part of my visit

The first picture is of the Konye believers and the second is the Ginchi hall

Yours in Him

Robert C Revie