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Bible Class

Alasdair and Andrea Baijal

Stephen Grant


The second week of Northpine Gospel Outreach  (Cape Town) finished well last night. Over the 2 weeks so far we have had around 20 unbelievers in to the evening meetings though not all of them every night unfortunately.  Many more have heard the gospel through open air outreach and door to door visitation during the day.

Pray for Mr D. who comes every night and may be under conviction.  His wife won't come - she thinks she is ready for Heaven but we think she is not.  Please also pray for C and his wife.  They are from Zimbabwe and live in a very rough area about 5 mins from the hall.  He may be a believer though we are not sure.  He is a petrol station attendant and 2 weeks ago I was giving him a gospel tract and he asked if he could come to "my church".  I picked him up and brought him once in the first week of the Outreach and once with his wife during this past week.  Pray that his interest will increase rather than decrease.  He said he was brought up going to a methodist mission school in Zimbabwe but is currently not attending any church (which is fairly unusual in Cape Town!).  He asked us for (specifically) a King James Version Bible which he says he learned to read with at the mission school.  It would be great to have some kind of connection with that rough area for the spread of the gospel.  It is notoriously violent and unpredictable so I am especially relying on the Lord for safe keeping any time I go near the place.  Quite a few people, including 2 new people have made promises for next week if I collect them so pray they will keep their promises.  Next week is the last week God willing, finishing on 2 March.

Thanks for your prayers.