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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

Dear all,

After a week without electricity  we got it reinstalled on Thursday. A man had reversed into the pole that has our electricity and although we went each day to the electricity board it took them a week to sort it out. We have been without water for about two weeks and that makes things difficult.

Earlier in the week we went to a town called Waleso on a tarmac road and then travelled about 15kms to what seemed like nowhere. However we came on a group of houses and that is where the believers were. In spite of the fact that they are surrounded by Moslems they now have about 65 believers and it was a joy to bring them God’s word.

The next day we had a very profitable time with elders and evangelists from Ginchi and district.

The following day we were at a new work that has been commenced from another relatively new work and already there about 27 believers.

On Saturday we travelled to Kamisay about 270kms from Addis. This is a town that has 19 mosques and there is  also a teaching mosque there. We had a meeting with about 100 believers although there had been torrential rain most of the day and it is difficult for the believers to walk in the mud.

We then spent Sunday at Batie and it was so encouraging to see so many children at the services and to see the beginnings of the extension of the existing hall. I felt there was a real spirit of encouragement among the believers.

Picture is of the young folk at Kamisay

Yours in Christ