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Bible Class

Jim McMaster - Guide to Street Work (4)

Stephen Grant

(4)   Be Consistent and Committed 

Those who live on the street or live a transient lifestyle in and out of hostels are used to "flash in the pan" help. Often someone feels that this type of work is worthwhile but when it turns out to be a lot harder and a lot less immediately rewarding than first anticipated, they give up and head for a ministry that is a lot easier on time and emotions.

The street folks in particular are unimpressed by short term sporadic displays of help and are very sceptical as to the motives of that type of person. A regular work is undoubtedly a very effective way to overcome this perception. Be at the same place at the same time and be aware that it will take time to build up regular contacts. No matter how inconsistent the folks are be sure you are reliable. A single inconsistency in your part will destroy months of confidence building and will never be forgotten even though your constant kindness will be quickly dispelled from their mind. Remember, this is work carried out firstly as unto the Lord and while others may not appreciate all your sacrifice, He will!

An important aspect often overlooked is the need for priority in commitment. There is no doubt that, particularly for husbands and fathers, their commitment to their family must never be compromised by their dedication to the welfare of others, no matter how worthy the cause may be. Caregivers, Co side ration must be given to family and assembly commitments before becoming involved in this most demanding area of gospel witness.