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Bible Class

Jamie McIlree in Congo

Stephen Grant

The Lord opened the door for getting into Congo and I was given a 7 day border pass which allowed me to go and stay in Luanza despite having no visa. I'm thankful the Lord allowed the visit as we were able to spend time with individuals, couples and elders going through difficult situations.

In September we preached in the open air in the village of Tulombe and two women professed to be saved called Kazadi and Lukomba. There is no assembly there. Follow up Bible studies were started while I was there and other villagers started to come along. Two months ago false accusations were made against Lukomba and we would appreciate prayer for her and her husband Ngoey. Kazadi's unsaved husband told me this week that there had been a big change in her behaviour since she got saved and that gave opportunity to share the gospel with him. He gave his life to the Lord while we were there and we pray that he will show the same reality seen in Kazadi.

I'm leaving now for Congo-bashi which is the remote village with the potential for an assembly to be planted. We'll be teaching there for 2 or 3 days.

I have just received some extremely disturbing reports and pictures of atrocities being carried out in Manono and Moba. Many have now fled the areas. Please pray for our friends and brethren there.

Teaching in Tulombe

Teaching in Tulombe

The believers passing gifts of bananas and chicken for coming

The believers passing gifts of bananas and chicken for coming