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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

This week has been as busy as the rest. I spent most of the week teaching from Hebrews at the country self-supporting bible school. What a wonderful group they were. Normally at the Bible school there are around 35. But this year the number was 69 and I felt it was a most profitable time. The only problem was the sleeping accommodation and a number of them slept in the village with believers from Chobi. 

The brethren were full of questions and we had a session each day when we answered these questions. The assembly where they come from provides the food for the 6 weeks that they are at Chobi. The only expenditure needed is the transport costs for the brethren from the capitol, who will each go for one week to give teaching.

On the Saturday we had a number of sessions with elders and evangelists from the area in and around Chobi. There weren’t as many there as some had to go to a funeral

On the Sunday we had a conference at Bicho about an hour’s drive from Chobi and which is on our way back to Addis. Again the numbers were down a bit and this was due to the fact that there were a number of weddings as this is the last day before the fast which affects the orthodox church.

We got back to Addis at a reasonable time as our head lights in the old vehicle leave a lot to be desired!! When we arrived back in Addis we discovered that there is no electricity as a big truck pulled down a pole on Thursday. Maybe they will come tomorrow. There was also no water for the last three days so you can imagine how we felt after a dusty trip back to Addis. One of the windows in our older Land Cruiser was broken so that will have to be fixed we hope tomorrow. I am sitting in candle light and I think I will get off to bed early. 

The photo is of the Bible school students

Yours in Christ