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Bible Class

Kollegal Girls Home, India

Stephen Grant

Andy Johnston, Andrew Hutton, Danny Johnston and Pete Kerr have recently returned from Kollegal Girls Home in India. 

The primary purpose for our visit was to undertake some much needed construction work at the home. Alongside Paul Dodds (Brass Tacks) and a team of local labourers we were able to complete the first phase of an additional dormitory. The building now awaits the final prefab and roof stage which will see the dorm finished and allow the home to look after an additional ten girls.

During our stay, there is no doubt the girls found a place in our heart. Any spare time we had was spent playing games together and getting to know them all better. We were also asked to share the gospel with them on a couple of occasions which was special. Their laughs and smiles were infectious and when the time came to say "Goodbye", it was with heavy hearts we left them.

One particular point for prayer is the older girls. The home can only look after them until the age of sixteen, after which they are returned to their parent/s or found hostels to live in. This huge and sudden change in circumstances often leads to many pitfalls and problems and a struggle to adapt to their new surroundings. Please pray God will continue to protect them and shelter them as they move out to an environment where evil is all around. 

Our final few days were spent travelling across parts of India by motorbike. We had a fantastic time seeing the sights and sampling the culture.