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Bible Class

Brian and Debbie Howden

Stephen Grant

Thank you for standing with us in prayer over the last 6 months, we trust that the following will bring you up to date and help you as we labour together in prayer for the spread of the Gospel in Angola.

We are looking forward to returning to Angola on the 20th Feb having been home in the UK over the Christmas/New Year period. Surgery that I had been hoping to have in early January didn’t take place so that has been delayed until later in the year, it is only a small keyhole op on my knee so I can live with the discomfort until a later date. We feel that getting back to Angola is important as with the new school year starting this month the teachers will feel the absence of Ruth Hadley very much, and although we have no experience at the required admin of the school we can do as much as we can to help the school function in practical ways. Please pray that the evil one will not be allowed to get in and disrupt the School any more than it already is with Ruth’s absence.

Please do remember Ruth Hadley in prayer as she faces 18 weeks of chemotherapy in her battle with cancer. She has over the 34 years of steadfast service in Angola proved the faithfulness of the Lord in many trials but stands in great need of our prayers at the moment.

We are planning to move ahead with the proposed rebuilding of the school in the months ahead. The original simple mud brick classrooms that were built in 2005 are in bad shape and so we propose to rebuild with cement blocks and put up a permanent structure, which will stand for many years. The teachers will be thrilled to have new classrooms and it will encourage them greatly.

We would value prayer as we try to maintain our focus on what the Lord has called us to do for Him, to preach the Gospel and to teach the Word to men who can in turn teach others also. Life is incredibly full already with just living in Angola, plus assembly meetings and responsibilities, and then the 10 weekly Bible classes. So we would covet prayer that we would be kept well and used by the Lord in these different aspects of service.

We are thrilled that Mark Johnston will be visiting us in early March for a couple of weeks, the main purpose of his visit is to fit a kitchen for us. Debbie hasn’t had a functional kitchen for 4 years, so it will be great to have that available again and be able to use it for the Lord. Giving hospitality to the believers has been a great service for the Lord over the years and with increasing amounts of young people who are being reached for the Lord we spend a lot of our time in a pastoral role with folk in the home.

We would appreciate prayer too for the situation across Angola amongst the assemblies. There is much dissatisfaction among many believers over what they see as denominationalism, and we really long to see leaders among Gods people confess and turn to the Scriptures to discover once again what it means to gather to the Lords name. It is the Lords work, but division and strife amongst His people give us cause for much heartache, what must it do to the Lord Himself.

Locally, there is much to encourage, mainly due to the positive influence of the Primary School. The assembly at Camundambala has grown numerically in the past year, remarkably so, but what thrills us more than anything is the younger men some of whom have evident ability and some clearly gifted and are willing to serve the Lord in the assembly. To see spiritual growth in the things of the Lord gives us real joy, and to hear these young men when they rise to their feet in the assembly gatherings is a privilege to behold. Please pray for their preservation some of whom are seeking partners in marriage, that the Lord would keep them from falling.

Please pray too for the work of the Gospel across Angola, elections are due in August, that we will continue to have peace and liberty in preaching the Gospel.

Finally, thank you most sincerely for your prayers, we do appreciate every expression of your fellowship with us and interest in the work of the Gospel in Angola.

Yours in His service,

Brian & Debbie