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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

This is the end  of the second week and it has been as usual very busy.

We went off to an area called Bikay. To get there we travelled on a tarmac road for about 80kms then we went on to a dry weather road which was quite dusty and the road rose from 4,000 feet to 10,000 feet.  Needless to say we had the old Land Cruiser. We spent two days teaching the word of God to a good number of assemblies who came together for the meetings. The second day was mainly for evangelists and elders and we had a profitable time.

The following day we travelled down to a place called Awassa about 270kms from Addis and as this was all tarmac we used the newer Land Cruiser. We were meeting about 24 leaders who came from Bali for the meetings. Some walked 8 hours to get the three buses to bring them to Awasa. Where they live is a strong Islamic community and it was felt unwise to travel there as there could have been a disturbance. We spent three days teaching them about leadership and in that area there are now 6 assemblies ranging from 40 to 83. We took Indres, the converted Moslem Sheik from Batie, and he taught them how to reach Moslems. It was an excellent session and all the brethren were given 2 attractive NT to give to Moslems who may have shown an interest in the word of God.

This week is going to be spent around Ginchi. The weather is reasonable although in Awassa it was very hot. We value your continued prayers.

While in Awassa we met two married women who had been at our camp years ago and who are going on well for the Lord.

The first photo is of the brethren from Bali and the second is of the women who came to our camp years ago