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Bible Class

Alasdair and Andrea Baijal

Stephen Grant

Klipspruit West Gospel Hall, Soweto

Klipspruit West Gospel Hall, Soweto

I have just returned from my first visit to Johannesburg, which is around 900 miles from Cape Town. Thankfully there are regular flight which only takes 2 hours. We had planned some Bible Teaching and a short Gospel Outreach with the assembly at Klipspruit West, Soweto. Soweto is a fairly famous township where Nelson Mandela lived for a while. 

A few days before I arrived we got news that the brother of one of the elders had passed away suddenly at 43 yrs old. I was asked to preach the gospel at the funeral on Saturday past. This was tough as it is likely that he was not a believer though his wife is. He left 5 children behind from 8-18 yrs old. There were around 250 at the funeral and it is thought at least half of those were not saved. The Lord gave help and the gospel was preached.

One local lady in her 40s, Renee, attended the funeral and returned for the gospel meetings on Sunday and Monday. After the meeting on Monday night she stayed behind and trusted the Saviour. Pray for her husband who attended with her and looked concerned about his soul. 

Pray for the small assembly in Klipspruit West. A number of the assembly have been called home recently or been moved to other places with work. Despite this they have seen around 5 or 6 souls saved in the last two years. Pray that this will continue and that help will be given in nurturing new converts.

A shadow was cast over the visit when the night after Renee was saved, I returned to the home I was staying in to find that it had been burgled. The house was ransacked and various things stolen including a bag of mine containing my passport! Amazingly, they had taken the passport out of the bag and discarded it elsewhere in the house before leaving. It was all quite a surprise as the house is located in a high security complex with armed guards. Apparently it is the first such incident in 4 years. We all felt that there was something satanic behind this, especially just after blessing in salvation. At 2 am I found myself in a police station in a shack area (which is where the police station responsible for that area is based) giving a sworn statement of the night's events!

I am now glad to be back in Cape Town with Andrea and the boys. I am starting a new monthly (approximately) Bible Teaching meeting in Northpine on Saturday night before spending February at home in Northpine for a special month of Gospel Outreach. Rodney Brown (originally N. Ireland) will be sharing the gospel meetings with me. All God willing. 

We really do appreciate your prayers.

Some of the Klipspruit West assembly

Some of the Klipspruit West assembly