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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

I left London on Monday night 16th Jan. and I arrived at the same time as Sam Balmer and Stephen Gillham from BES[bible education services] and the next morning we had a long discussion about the work of BES and the way ahead.

In the next two days Sam and Stephen had two seminars discussing the children’s books and how to use them. At the one seminar there were about 100 and at the other there were about 70 so they had two profitable days. We already have the first five books in Amharic and I am in the process of getting the first four books in Oromiffa completed while I am here as there are some corrections needed.  

Mulugeta said to me on Thursday that there was to be a baptism on Saturday at Bishoftu about 40kms from Addis and it would be an encouragement to the believers if we were there. I subsequently discovered that there were three fellowships involved, being separated by about 70 kms. Because they have not been established long none of them have a baptistry. So they had to go down to a quiet place by the river to carry out the baptisms. There were 56 baptised and they then returned to Bishoftu and after a meal provided by the believers at Bishoftu I was asked to give a message on baptism.

On my first Sunday I was at two places to preach. The first place was called Salu which is an outreach from Akaki and they still meet in a house and there were about 12 adults and a number of children. Then I went to Akaki where the hall was well filled and I felt that the Lord was speaking to someone at the meetings and we just pray that the Lord will bless His word. The first photo is Stephen Gillham & Sam Balmer [BES] The second photo is the ones who were baptised.

Thank you for your prayers