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Bible Class

Introducing Stephen Vance

Stephen Grant


We are in Agincourt/Scarborough (east part of Toronto). The children in the picture are Julianne (9) and Brendan (7). 

We were commended to God’s work in 2001 after helping part-time throughout my university and early working years. God guided me through the encouragement of my elders and preachers who were my mentors, as well as through my own experience of Scripture

God opened up a work in the Chinese community near when I lived, that led to children’s meetings, home Bible studies, a summer tent outreach that continued for a decade (2002-2011), and ultimately a bilingual Chinese/English assembly in Agincourt

The work we do is the following:

o   A weekly Monday-night youth outreach and ESL Bible study

o   Supporting the Agincourt assembly (monthly preaching, weekly Bible studies, helping guide the overseers, counselling)

o   Itinerant preaching/teaching ministry (usually in Agincourt 1-2 weekends/month, away at conferences/meetings for the other 2 weekends/month and occasionally for a Gospel or teaching series)

o   Discipleship training for young adults (2-3 week long retreats per year for age 18+ youth to intensely study Scripture)

o   Children’s Summer camps (2-3 weeks of Gospel outreach camps in Toronto, including youth Bible studies each morning for the counsellors)

o   Chinese language studies (once per week, practising whenever possible, often invited to other assemblies with Chinese works)

o   Counselling (I am currently training part-time in counselling and am frequently involved in counselling)