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Bible Class

Tyneside Seed Sowers Weekend

Stephen Grant

Tyneside Seed Sowers 23rd to 25th September. 

Our second Tyneside Sowers weekend was held and proved to be a great encouragement to all who attended.

A customised John 3:16 text was produced and a pack containing the text, a response card and an invitation to meetings were distributed to approximately 20000 homes over the weekend. Believers from England, Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria. Moldova, the USA and Canada joined a good number of local saints for two days of distribution, fellowship and bible teaching. Brother David Williamson from Belfast gave helpful ministry and brother Ross Vanstone from Canada gave reports on the worldwide work of Seed Sowers and threw himself enthusiastically into the local distribution which greatly encouraged all who attended.

An enjoyable  highlight of the weekend was a testimony by a young brother during the Saturday meeting and a North American (Seed Sower) style hymn sing afterwards around supper. 
The outreach work was divided into two distinct areas over the weekend. Both distributions were centred around a local assembly (Bensham and Forest Hall) and approximately ten to twelve thousand  texts given out in both localities. 

We were all greatly encouraged on the first day by a contact through the web site from a woman in Gateshead who has indicated her intention to attend the gospel meeting this week and by a man who attended the Wednesday prayer meeting here at Bensham. We look to the Lord for help as we follow up the responses as they come in over the next few weeks. 

Please pray that many will come to know the Lord Jesus through this effort and the local saints further encouraged to reach out to this large and needy area. 

Both local assemblies involved were very thankful to all who made the effort to come and help in this exercise to reach out with the gospel on Tyneside.