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Bible Class

Gospel Outreach at Golf Open in Troon

Stephen Grant

The Golf Open comes to Troon, Ayrshire next week and we are looking forward to being there in the town with 30,000 Gospel leaflets. The plan is for 2 sessions of leaflet distribution each day from Tuesday to Friday and then one session on Saturday.

We would value prayer for the Gospel Outreach. We have 50 A3 posters in trains which will be travelling between Glasgow and Troon. We have roadside advertising on trailers around the venue. We have radio interviews being broadcast and social media being employed along with our web site for the event.

If you are in the area we have arranged a prayer meeting focusing on the Outreach which is planned for Linwood Gospel Hall on Sunday evening (10th) at 8pm. If you are tight for time and wish to come then please do so and arrive when you can.

Please check out the following for information and keep your eye on the social media as the week unfolds. :-

@gospel4scotland on Twitter

@gospel4scotland on Instagram 

Gospel for Scotland on Facebook