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Bible Class

Shetland Camp Week 2

Stephen Grant

The second week of the Shetland Camp finished last week and it was another great week.  Gordon McCracken’s voice held out for the second week and some leaders who had been the week before managed to laugh in all the right places.  We were joined by a number of fresh faces to help as leaders and kitchen staff.  It was great to see a full camp with 80 children aged between 10 and 11.  Most of the campers have been before and are in the system but this week there was a number who had never been before.

The weather was not as nice as the first week but stayed dry so we could complete all the activities.  For many of these children there was an apparent confusion surrounding the Gospel but by the end of the week they at least had a mental understanding of how to be saved and we pray that those who did make professions will prove the spiritual reality of new life in Christ.