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Bible Class

Shetland Camp Week 1

Stephen Grant

The way that the leaders, helpers and staff described the first week of the Shetland camp, was that it was special, with a great spirit of unity and fellowship experienced.  For the first time in the camps twenty two year history there were more boys than girls which is encouraging for Shetland where Christian things are often seen as a “female thing”.  Approximately sixty children attended from all over Shetland including Unst in the North, where they need to travel two and half hours on two ferries and bus.

Gordon McCracken spoke in the meetings and his theme was The Olympics and illustrated the gospel with various Olympic subjects, the obvious missionary story was Eric Liddel.  During week one with the youngest age group (nine to ten) ninety percent of the children had never been at camp before and the majority are not exposed to the gospel regularly.

We were very thankful to God for providing fantastic weather which enabled the camp to enjoy a great day at the beach and another afternoon at the, it’s a knockout water games.  Most activities are conducted on site with a particular favourite being the new motorised Go Kart.  However most of the time is spent either at the three meetings of the day, the two leader led quiet times or the group workbooks.

Far from frustrating the children these opportunities are enthusiastically enjoyed by the campers.  The leaders reported that some of the campers asked excellent questions and showed that they at least now understood the gospel.  Some leaders reported that some in their dorm professed faith but we leave God to do his work and we wait to see the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work.