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Bible Class


Stephen Grant

I visited The Kingdom of Tonga over the weekend and had a very enjoyable time with saints from two of the four assemblies. It was a short visit and so my experience was limited.  

There are approx, 50 people in each assembly and appear to be very active. I met the elders from two of the assemblies as well as one full time worker who translated for me when I was preaching.

The assembly work began in 1973 with one NZ couple but was built upon families who left the Methodist Church at great social cost. These families are still there with the men as elders in the assemblies.

Tonga is a very religious nation and Christianity is everywhere. The Mormons have a church in every settlement and are pouring resources into the islands. There are dozens of these large Churches and associated welfare programs.

The believers were very welcoming and thankful for the ministry of the Word. I felt that there was an appetite for much more and was warmly invited back. The saints face challenges for their young people for marriage and related issues. They have a radio station for which I was able to provide sermons from the app and look to the Lord to bless His word.