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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

I arrived safely on Wednesday the first of June and I have been here one week. The first two days were spent with SundaySchool leaders as we gave guidance as to the teaching in Sunday Schools. There were originally 33 but only 28 came as the others felt it was too big a commitment. This wasan enthusiastic group and I enjoyed working with them. They will go back and relay these messages to SundaySchool teachers. The Amharic books from the postal SundaySchool [BES] have arrived and they were distributed to Amharic speaking areas. This will be a great help to these teachers.

In between I had many believers coming and openly shedding tears over the loss of Sheena to Ethiopia. This open genuine feeling of loss meant a lot to me.

I then preached on the Sunday morning, which was difficult, to a large company in Addis and at the end of the meeting I discovered that a young woman had trusted the Saviour. The afternoon was the memorial service for Sheena. It was very dignified and a number of brethren spoke of Sheena’s contribution to the work of the Lord in Ethiopia. Crawford, who was here on business, spoke on behalf of the family

I have just returned from two days of Bible teaching at Ginchi. There was an excellent turnout ofevangelists and some came from 600km away. I felt the Lord ‘s presence in the meetings and so many were talking about Sheena. I appreciate prayer as we go into the country side at the end of the week that we will be give strength.