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Bible Class

Shetland Christian Youth Camp

Stephen Grant

The Shetland Christian Youth Camp is due to start again on Monday the 4th July and run for three weeks, Monday to Friday each week.  Each week is split based on the year group at school with younger Primary 4’s (9 years old) first up to the secondary’s in week three.  Interest this year has again been positive with over 200 children booking their space at camp.  The majority of these campers are from non-Christian homes and are able to come to camp free of charge thanks to the Lord’s provision through kindness of the Christians who support the work.  Our promotion is mainly through the schools where most schools are happy for us to show a video of the camp and hand out forms, this is an integral part of promoting the camp within the community.

Gordon McCracken from Glasgow is due up for the first two weeks followed by Daniel Voissey from Cardiff who will be making his first trip to Shetland for week three.  We are very thankful that the Lord has put it into the hearts of many, namely younger Christians to come and help as leaders and helpers.  Many of these young people sacrifice their holidays to make the long journey to Shetland and commit to an intensive week but one which has an eternal goal.

We are hoping that this will be the last year of the camp prior to the much anticipated extension, due to start straight after camp in the summer.  The extension will see the flat roof above the kitchen built on to extend the living accommodation on the first floor whilst providing a more robust defence against the elements.

Monday the 27th sees the start of a special series of prayer meetings in Shetland.  Each night the prayer meeting will be held at one of the assemblies which encourages many of the older Christians who are not able to be physically involved anymore but whose prayers are very much an essential component of the work.  Please join us to pray that as we provide bibles, teach memory verses and preach the gospel that God will be pleased to use this effort to save souls whether at camp or in days to come.