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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

The rains have become more frequent as we are well aware that we are now in the rainy season. I must say I had forgotten how cold and difficult the rainy season can be as I have not experienced it for 35 years.

We travelled to Bikay at the beginning of the week and we had two excellent days of teaching to a full hall in Bikay no 2. There seemed to be a lovely spirit among the believers and Daba did a wonderful task of translating into Oromiffa.

We travelled back to Ginchi when we had an evening with the elders who had met to express their deep sorrow at Sheena’s passing. We then left the following morning for Ginda Beret. The road is extremely rough and there was heavy rain and it was quite cold so it was a rather difficult journey. However we had two sessions with the elders in the morning and one meeting at night with all the believers. 

We had a number of sessions on the Saturday and then we travelled to a town that was just built ten years ago called Abuna. A piece of ground was bought there some time ago and the believers were able to build a hall and there are now about 70 believers worshipping inAbuna.

We then travelled to Shikutie on our way back to Addis where Mulugeta and I spoke to a packed hall. On our journey back to Addis we experienced heavy rain and severe fog and very muddy conditions. However we arrived in Addis tired but grateful to God for all that was accomplished during this week. Photo is of the believers at Bikay no 2