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Bible Class

Jamie McIlree

Stephen Grant

We have just finished printing this evening and are now packed and ready to leave for Luanza in the morning. There has been more encouragement in the gospel this week as men and women have made professions of faith and we commit them to the Lord. Most of the time has been spent printing, collating, binding and boxing the Bible teaching magazines which my Congolese brothers have helped produce and we will be taking with us to distribute at the upcoming conferences. 8000 copies have now been printed in French, Bemba, Kiluba and Swahili. Please pray that the Lord will use this simple resource to counter some of the false teaching in the region and also to bring some to salvation.

There are three day conferences at Luanza (just south of Pweto) and Kalemie beginning on the 23rd and 30th. I am looking forward to seeing our brothers and sisters in Luanza again as well as following up with those who made professions in November. There will be teaching all day each day of the conference on the subject of “Living the Gospel” and there should also be opportunity to speak at the schools and hospital each morning. This is the first time we have been as far north as Kalemie and we would value your prayers for blessing in the conference and for safety throughout for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters who will travel from far and wide.