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Bible Class

Robert Revie

Stephen Grant

We left early on the Friday of the second week and travelled to Ginchi which is about 75kms from Addis. We then went on to a dry weather road and reached Geldu about 38 kms away.
I had an excellent session in Geldu with elders and evangelists from three area with about 55 elders and evangelists present and the teaching lasted most of the day.
We then went on to Chobi about 22 kms further on and on the Saturday we had well over 100 elders and evangelists from a wide area. I deeply appreciated this sacrifice as it had rained the previous evening and most farmers would have been out ploughing and sowing.
On Sunday morning the elders from Chobi said they wanted to see me. They gathered to tell me how sorry they were to hear about Sheena’s passing and at the end each came forward with a money gift as this is their custom in this part of Ethiopia. I must say I was deeply touched by what they said. This was followed when I spoke to a full hall at Chobi. We then made our way back to Addis with a number of stops on the way for various reasons. I was a bit tired by the time we reached home.
Our next visit was to Ginchi and I was delighted with around 100 brethren from a wide area who had travelled to Ginchi for a time of fellowship and teaching on spiritual warfare and what a lovely spirit there was in the meetings.
At the end of our second week we travelled to Kamisay and Batie. I gave some teaching on the Saturday to a nice company in Kamisay where there are 98% Moslems. We left one of our evangelists Daba in Kamisay for the services on the Sunday while Mulugeta, Zirehun our driver and I travelled to Batie. 
The road between Combolcha and Batie is being upgraded and one part of it was in a dreadful state. We had just left a difficult part when we had a puncture. Unfortunately the car jack had been put into the older vehicle but a passing minibus loaned us their jack and soon the tyre was changed and we were on our road to Batie. However there had been a landslide and we were stopped for one hour . As we sat waiting to move out of one of the mini busses I could hear someone shout ‘Mr Revie’ and this was a leper called Ansha who had originally been in the assembly at Dagan. 
We arrived late at Batie where I spoke to a packed hall. The interest has been so good recently that the believers are going to be extending the hall because of the numbers attending the meetings which is most encouraging. After I spoke one of the elders spoke in detail about how much the believers in Batie had appreciated the work that Sheena had given to their area. This was followed by a presentation to me from the believers of what felt like a picture and also a personal gift from one of the sisters. We then had a meal with the elders and it was suggested that I opened the gift. The gift was a lovely picture of ‘Mum’ as they called Sheena with the text 2 Timothy 4:7 ‘I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith’ in English and Amharic. When I thought of the love and respect that the believers displayed it brought flood of tears and I was truly broken. The work of compassion is wonderful with 250 children in their care with 87% from moslem homes and who knows what will be the result in a few years from such a ministry.
We finished our day at Kamisay with a meal with the elders and they were recounting that they now have in that area one large assembly with over 200, one smaller one with around 40 and a third where there are 15. Out of the three assemblies there are three converted Moslems which demonstrates how difficult it is for Moslems to trust in Christ. I was wakened at 4.30am hearing a call to prayer this Monday morning from the mosque being the middle of Ramadan [how dedicated are we believers to prayer] and we leave at 6am on our journey back to Addis.