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Bible Class

Jamie McIlree

Stephen Grant

Since arriving in Congo on Thursday I have been meeting with local elders to discuss the distribution of Swahili Bibles when they arrive. The assembly I preached in yesterday only had one very old and tattered Bible which the brother translating for me had to borrow. The printing work has been a frustration as the Ink drums I reserved before coming were sold to someone else the day before I arrived. I was promised new ones would arrive today but when I got a taxi into the city to get them the military arrived on mass and effectively closed the city. There is some political tension as a result of elections planned for later in the year. God willing I will get them tomorrow. Despite the frustrations with printing help was given to preach and teach three times yesterday and it was an encouragement when two women approached me separately at the end of the gospel meeting to tell me they had just trusted the Lord. There names are Toreen and Tegra.