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Bible Class

Alasdair Baijal

Stephen Grant

Our appointment at the Edinburgh visa centre for South Africa went well today. Applications for me and Andrea were lodged successfully. Just waiting for decisions now.

The person dealing with us was extremely kind and very helpful -could not have asked for a nicer person. Despite trying to rearrange things they could not deal with the boys' applications today due to the pressure of their appointment schedule. The lady dealing with us has however offered to take extra steps to ensure the applications are not all separated and has promised to contact the decision-maker directly about this. She also said that I can just go alone to the appointment on the boys behalf on Tuesday morning instead of bringing them with me (which is unusual and against their protocol). This will mean the boys don't have to spend another stressful morning in a waiting room!

Thanks so much for your prayers everyone. We really appreciate it. Please continue to pray that Tuesday morning will go as smoothly as today did.