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Alasdair Baijal

Stephen Grant

Many of you have been asking for updates recently in relation to our desire to relocate to South Africa if the Lord opens that door.  Andrea and I have an appointment with the South African government’s visa processing office tomorrow morning (Friday 27 May) at 1030 hrs UK time.  That appointment is to lodge our visa applications.  We have faced many complications in this process and it has not been straightforward.  As such we have been advised we are not allowed to lodge the applications for Alexander and Daniel on the same day as ours - we have an appointment to lodge their applications on Tuesday 31 May.

Apparently the visa processing centre will often be very difficult to deal with and can reject applications for very minor discrepancies.  Hopefully we will be able to lodge our applications without difficulty.  Ideally they will also allow us to lodge the boys’ applications tomorrow as well so that the 4 applications do not end up separated.

Once the applications are successfully lodged (hopefully tomorrow) the usual turnaround time for a decision to be made by the authorities is said to be 40 days (but apparently can be much longer).  Very biblical!

If you pray, please pray that we are able to successfully lodge the applications tomorrow and that ultimately, the Lord will make His path for us very clear.